Snow Brakes - Product Description
No. 100 Snow Guard Assembly For Slate And Asphalt Shingled Roofs
This guard has eliminated the necessity of removing slate, avoiding the possibility of breakage. Simply insert the slotted bar under the slate or shingle, engage a nail with one of the conveniently placed slots and pull down to fully secure bar. This style snow guard provides fast installation and is ideal for existing or new construction applications with asphalt shingled roofs.

Snow Guard Technical Information
The purpose of a snow guard is to help reduce a slide, not stop it. Due to varied roof geometries and structural strength, climatic conditions and snow melt rate, the manufacturer cannot and does not assume a liability with respect to the suitability or use of this product. Liability is limited to replacement of non-standard manufactured product or cost of the respective product used. Building codes, architects or engineers, should be consulted when pitch exceeds 12:12. Positioning of Berger Bros snow guards required for effective use: 2 groups of 3 staggered rows on 24 inch centers with 1 group at the eave and 1 group midway on roof slope. On long slopes, multiple groups with 6 ft space separation maximum.

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